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Adoption FAQ's

Below are a few of the questions you may have when you consider adopting a dog from our rescue. Please contact us if you have any additional questions.

1. Where do these dogs come from?

All of the dogs in our rescue are homeless. Most are from humane shelters and a few are owner surrenders. Owner surrenders are from people who for any number of reasons are not able to care for their dog any longer. We do NOT breed dogs or buy dogs for re-sale.



2. How much does it cost to buy one of these dogs?

We do not “sell” these rescued dogs. Rather we charge an adoption fee. Fees may vary from dog to dog. You will need to check the profile of each individual dog for its fee.



3. Why do you charge these fees?

Before any dog can be adopted it must be spayed or neutered, brought up to date on vaccinations, de-wormed, treated for infections (common infections are kennel cough, yeast infections, and mange), and heartworms. These are expensive treatments. Because the health of most of these dogs is compromised we also feed high quality food, often special diets. Prescription medications are expensive as well.



4. Do you check the references on the application?




5. Why do you conduct a home visit? 

We do the home visit after reference calls have been made. The home visit gives us an opportunity to meet you and provides you a chance to ask us (the rescue) questions in person. We like to see where you plan for the new pet to live. Most of these dogs have spent at least part of lives in uncertainty and they deserve to have a good home. Most of all, we want a good match so that adopters and dogs are all happy.



6. What if things don’t work out?

Very rarely an adoption isn’t a good fit for the dog or the family. In this case the dog comes back to the rescue.



7. What are your requirements?

We want our dogs to go to good homes where they are loved, well cared for, and can live out their days.  The adoption application requires 3 personal references and 1 vet reference.  If the adopter rents an apartment, condo, or house, we require the landlord's contact information.  We understand that not everyone may have a vet reference, but if you have owned a pet in the last 2 years, we expect to see a vet reference.  The references will be asked a series of questions designed to ensure that the potential adopter is capable of providing a good home and complete vet care (consistent vet care to include all shots and heartworm prevention).  When applicable, the landlord will be asked questions related to the rental property and whether or not there are any breed or size restrictions.  Due to the nature of the German Shepherd breed, most of our dogs need fenced yards.  We rarely adopt out to adopters with invisible fences because over the years our research has shown that theses types fences do not keep dogs safe.  While we do adopt out to individuals without fences on a case by case basis, it can often take longer to find the adopter a dog that can live happily and safely their current living situation.



8. ​Do you adopt to families outside of Montgomery? What about out of state (Alabama)?

Yes, but we must be able to get a home visit completed.  Additionally, under most circumstances, we would need adopters to come to Montgomery, AL to physically adopt their new dog.  We can sometimes help adopters arrange transport, but it can be extremely difficult process.  Any adopters in the state of Alabama will need to come to Montgomery, AL for adoption, and most adopters from states outside of Alabama would need to be willing to do the same.


9. Are the dogs trained? 

All dogs in the rescue are housed in individual foster homes. The foster (mom or dad) will work with the dog on socialization. We train the dogs to sit for their meals and for treats. We work with them on leash training. Many of the dogs that come into our rescue have very few skills or manners. Our foster homes work as much as they are able (with their own busy lives) to give the dogs some basic commands. We highly recommend each adopter enroll themselves and their new dog in a basic obedience class as soon as possible.



10. How do I know if my adopted dog has been medically treated?​ 

If you adopt a dog from our rescue, we provide you with a full copy of all vet records.

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