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How much is that doggie (or kitty, rabbit, rat, goldfish or guinea pig…) in the shelter window? In addition to the initial cost of adoption, there’s a whole litany of expenses that the average pet owner will incur within a year. To make it easier for you to plan for your new arrival, we’ve prepared a financial breakdown of the annual costs of caring for a variety of species.

This chart represents the estimated minimum cost of humane care. You shouldn’t expect to pay less than this, and you should definitely be prepared to pay more. Don’t forget to factor in the costs of unexpected veterinary care, as well as boarding facilities, pet sitters and dog walkers, if you plan to use them. And keep in mind that the price tags on pet-related services and incidentals differ from region to region.

1. Premium brand dry kibble

2. Exam, vaccinations, heartworm preventative & topical flea/tick preventative
3. Scoopable litter for cats, scooped daily; hardwood shavings or recycled paper products for rabbits, guinea pigs and small mammals, changed at least weekly
4. Insurance coverage varies: some policies cover spay/neuter, vaccinations and heartworm medication. The annual deductible will also vary depending on the policy.
5. Deworming, basic blood tests & microchip
6. Basic twenty gallon set up with light/hood, outside filter, undergravel filters, air pump and gravel. Does not include fish.

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