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Sponsoring for Helping Shepherds of Every Color Rescue

helping shepherds of every color german shepherd dog animal rescue group
What is sponsoring for rescue?

Sponsoring is extremely helpful. Sponsoring is a significant pledge to pay for a treatment a dog requires before he can be adopted. Dogs end up in rescue very often because they have a health condition that requires additional resources  (money, diet or regime.)  One of the most common reason owners abandon a dog is for heartworms. Treatment for heartworms takes 6 weeks.

Sponsorship for heartworm treatment: $500

Sponsorship for spay/neuter: $100

Sponsorship for full shots:  $50



How do I sign up to sponsor a dog?

Contact the rescue at:

If paying by check, please make out to: Helping Shepherds of Every Color Rescue

Mail to: 

PMB 364

3066 Zelda Road

Montgomery, AL 36106

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